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Russia-Ukraine War: Ukraine to Break Diplomatic Ties with Iran Following Russian Drone Attacks

Russia-Ukraine War: After a flurry of Russian strikes using what Kyiv claims are Iranian-made drones, Ukraine’s foreign minister announced on Tuesday that he was submitting a petition to President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to formally break diplomatic ties with Tehran.

On Monday, Russia launched a large number of “kamikaze” drones at targets in Ukraine, damaging energy infrastructure and killing a number of people.

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Iran has denied providing the drones

According to Ukraine, the strikes were conducted using drones built in Iran, the Shahed-136. Iran has denied providing the drones.

Dmytro Kuleba, the Foreign Minister of Ukraine, stated that Kyiv was positive they were Iranian and would be willing to provide any European nations with doubt, a “bag of evidence.”

Kuleba stated at a news conference that “Tehran bears entire responsibility for the breakdown of relations with Ukraine.” “I am putting forward a proposal to break diplomatic ties with Iran to the president of Ukraine.”
According to Kuleba, he encouraged the European Union to censure Iran “for assisting Russia in killing Ukrainians.”
We are hearing indications that Iran intends to offer Russia ballistic missiles to deploy against Ukrainians, therefore severe sanctions against Iran are particularly pertinent at this time, he said.

“Iran is acting in a disgusting and dishonest manner. Since Iran assured us that they opposed the conflict and would not provide any side with military aid, we won’t have to put up with them.”

Kuleba declared that Kiev would formally request Israel’s prompt delivery of air defence supplies and its participation in the field. Israeli officials didn’t respond to Kuleba’s comments right away.

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The use of Iranian drones demonstrates that Russia is militarily bankrupt.

The Ukrainian foreign ministry made the move after Zelensky claimed earlier in the day on Tuesday that Iranian-manufactured Shahed-136 “kamikaze” drones were used in Russia’s most recent attacks on infrastructure.
Iran refuted the claim that it provided unmanned aerial vehicles to Russia, which Washington claims is incorrect. On Tuesday, the Kremlin stated that it was unaware of any usage of Iranian “kamikaze” drones.

Zelenskiy stated in a nightly video message, “Let us remember that the simple fact that Russia has asked Iran for assistance is an acknowledgment by the Kremlin that it is bankrupt in military and political terms.”
“They poured billions of dollars into their own military industrial complex over many years. And in the end, they submitted to Tehran in exchange for some relatively straightforward missiles and drones.”

Zelensky, who said the most recent strikes have put 30% of Ukraine’s power stations out of action, said using the weapons might generate hopes and illusions among Russian leaders, but would still be of no help. “It will simply show the world once again that Russia is headed for defeat and is trying to drag yet another one of its accomplices into this terror,” said the Ukrainian President.

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