Seattle police officer mutters ‘I f**ked up* after hitting an Indian woman

Indian Student

A Seattle police officer who fatally ploughed his car into an Indian student wasn’t charged with any crime by the police department. Officer Kevin Dave was driving his vehicle at 74 miles per hour when he crashed into Jahnavi Kandula near her college in Seattle.

The cop was overspeeding

Video footage from the officer’s bodycam showed him muttering ‘I f**ked up’ after his car crushed Kandula who later died in a hospital.

The young Indian student was using a crosswalk at the intersection of Dexter Avenue North and Thomas Street on January 23.

The footage showed Officer Dave overspeeding in a street where the speed limit is between 20 and 25 miles per hour. After his car hit Kandula, he rushed out and did CPR on the wounded girl. Several first responders also rushed to the victim who died the next day in a hospital.

The Daily Mail reports that the police officer was responding to a priority-one call, classified as the highest priority of all calls. In this case, Officer Dave was rushing toward a man who had overdosed himself but did not require any hospitalization.

The Seattle police determined the incident an accident and Kevin Dave returned to his duty days later.

Let off after the crash

According to The Daily Mail, the department hasn’t decided whether the police officer should be prosecuted.

The bodycam recorded the officer telling a responding officer, “‘Lights were on. I was chirping the sirens…she was in the crosswalk.”

‘She saw me, she started running through the crosswalk. Slammed on my breaks. Started staying back where she should before crossing.’

The video recording, published by a local news website, showed intermittent police sirens from various places.

The police department did not punish the officer but asked him to change his shaft after the crash as a “release duty.”

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