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Study Claims that Earth’s Water Came from Asteroids

We are taught from a young age how precious water is, it is essential to ensure the survival of all living beings. Until recently, it was a known fact that water was already present on Earth when the first living being appeared. However, a new study says that water might have arrived on our planet by asteroids from the outer edges of the solar system.

The claim has been made by scientists who examined rare samples gathered during a six-year Japanese space expedition from the Ryugu asteroid.

Scientists are examining debris brought back to Earth from the asteroid by the Hayabusa-2 mission in 2020 in order to give insight into the beginnings of life and the genesis of the cosmos.

The mission was launched by Japan in December 2014 and landed on the asteroid Ryugu, which means “dragon palace” in Japanese, located about 185 million miles away from our planet. When the refrigerator-sized capsule landed back on Earth in 2020, it put on a spectacular spectacle above the Australian outback, racing across the sky as a bright fireball.

According to recent research published in the scientific journal Nature Astronomy, the Ryugu samples might provide answers to the enigma of how seas first evolved on Earth billions of years ago.

The study by the scientists of Japan and the other countries, published on Monday, said that “Volatile and organic-rich C-type asteroids may have been one of the main sources of Earth’s water.”

“The delivery of volatiles (that is, organics and water) to the Earth is still a subject of notable debate,” it further said. However, the organic compounds discovered in Ryugu particles described in this study are likely one key source of volatiles.

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