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Taliban Education Ministers Says No Use Of Educational Degree, Without Having Any Degree We Are Ruling

The Taliban have announced their interim government in Afghanistan. While Mullah Muhammad Hassan Akhund has been made the new Prime Minister of the country, Sheikh Maulvi Noorlah Munir has been given the responsibility of the Ministry of Education. Meanwhile, with the formation of the government, Taliban decrees have also started coming, including the controversial statement of the new Education Minister Noorlah Munir. Munir has said that in today’s time there is no use of PhD or any other master’s degree. Munir said that we do not have any degree, yet we are running the government. In such a situation, there is no need of any kind of PhD or Master’s degree in today’s time.

The Taliban had started making many changes in the field of education even before coming to power. A veil was put between boys and girls in the college. In many places, only the elderly or women are teaching girls and women. In addition, the Taliban have begun cracking down on private colleges and universities that have focused on modern education since the end of the Taliban regime in 2001.

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The Taliban have further written in their decree that the university needs to recruit female teachers for girl students according to its facilities. If this is not possible then they should try to appoint such ‘elderly men’ who have good character. Women will now have to study separately from men, so they should do their work 5 minutes before male students so that they do not have to face men outside.

Amidst the political crisis in Afghanistan, the Taliban announced a new government late Tuesday. Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund will be the new prime minister of the Taliban government in Afghanistan. Apart from this, Mullah Baradar has been made Deputy Prime Minister, Sirajuddin Haqqani as caretaker Home Minister, Mullah Yakub as Defense Minister and Amir Muttaki as Foreign Minister. The special thing is that after this announcement, the supreme leader of Taliban has asked the new government to maintain Sharia law.

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