Tragedy in Karachi: 11 Lives Lost in Devastating Shopping Mall Fire

Fire Ravages Shopping Mall in Karachi

Fire Ravages Shopping Mall in Karachi

A devastating fire erupted in a multi-storey shopping mall in Karachi, Pakistan, claiming at least 11 lives on Saturday. The incident occurred at RJ Shopping Mall on Rashid Minhas Road during the early hours.

Rescue Efforts Underway as Many Feared Trapped

Local reports from Geo News indicate that the fire brigade managed to rescue around 50 people, but there are fears that many others remain trapped inside the building. Ongoing efforts are being made to bring those still inside to safety.

Survivor’s Account of the Tragedy

Rauf Hamid, one of the survivors rescued from the building, shared his experience with Geo News. He mentioned that when the fire broke out, they sought refuge in a safe room. The intensity of the smoke made it difficult to understand the unfolding situation.

Official Confirmation and Unclear Cause

Karachi Mayor Murtaza Wahab confirmed the tragic loss of lives through a social media platform. However, the cause of the fire is yet to be determined. The incident has also resulted in several injuries, with those affected currently receiving treatment in hospitals, as reported by Geo.

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