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Twitter Before Elon Musk was a Subsidiary of FBI,’ says Rep. Mike Johnson; Report

Examine Rep. Mike Johnson's assertions regarding the influence of the government on Twitter, voicing concerns about possible censorship.


Twitter: Elon Musk recently voiced grave worries about claims that the federal government of the United States was censoring content on X, which was once Twitter.

Elon Musk’s Retweet Sparks Controversy Over Twitter’s Government Ties

The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Inc. reposted a message by user KanekoaTheGreat, which referenced Rep. Mike Johnson’s (R-La.) assertion that the federal government uses Twitter as a weapon for repression. “Twitter was basically an FBI subsidiary before @elonmusk took it over,” the statement reads, suggesting a close relationship between the government and the social media company.

Rep. Johnson’s Call for Bipartisan Concern Over Twitter Censorship

Johson said, “The Twitter files should be a matter of bipartisan concern for every member of Congress and every American citizen because it is a bedrock principle of our Constitution that the government does not get to decide what speech is acceptable or true.”

Elon Musk Reacts to Twitter Censorship Debate

Regarding the issue, Musk reposted and said, “Extremely concerning.” Musk expresses alarm in the midst of a growing concern over possible restrictions on one’s right to free speech and privacy. The subject of social media sites’ duties and obligations in managing and presenting user data is further intensified by his repost and comment.

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