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Ukraine ‘downs’ 58 of 59 Russian drones targeting Kyiv

Ukraine: The Ukrainian military has claimed it has destroyed 58 of the 59 Russian drones that attacked Kyiv on May 28, Sunday. These drones were supplied by Iran.

The last Sunday of May also happens to be the founding day of Kyiv, a 1540-year-old city. President Zelensky condemned the Sunday Russian attacks saying that Moscow didn’t even spare the day when Kyiv’s citizens were celebrating their founding day. A news report said that one person was killed in the dawn attack.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine

Russia’s attack on Ukraine started on February 24, 2022. The immediate cause of this attack was Kyiv’s ‘active opposition’ to the Minsk Agreement. This Agreement, which was brokered by Russia, Germany and France, was signed between the Ukrainian separatists of Donbas and the Ukrainian government. These separatists support Moscow and are perceived as anti-Kyiv.

Another reason behind Russia’s attack on Ukraine is Kyiv’s eagerness to join NATO. With Kyiv as its member, NATO could have placed nuclear weapons on Ukrainian soil, thereby posing a threat to Russia.

Has Russia attained its objectives?

So far, Moscow has attained its objectives by attacking Kyiv. It has carved out a Russia-supported area in Eastern Ukraine and thereby got a vital foothold on the Black Sea. This allows Russia another access to warm waters

Lu Xiang, a research scholar at the Chinese Institute of Social Studies says Russia has achieved its key military objectives. Lu says Russia has established itself strongly on the east of the Dnieper River and can now mount multiple attacks on Ukraine.

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However, the Ukrainian military is hundred per cent dependent on the NATO and EU for aid. Most of its weapons are supplied by the United States with an important condition- Kyiv can’t use them against Moscow. Thus, Ukraine’s military response to Russian strikes are greatly thwarted by these conditions.

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