UN: Since the war in Ukraine began, Russia has executed 77 civilians and detained over 800

The report released by UN has found Russia guilty of summary executions.

Russia-Ukraine War: On Tuesday, United Nation has announced that since the beginning of Russian conflict in Ukraine from February 2022 more than 800 civilians have been detained and 77 have been executed. As per UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission there has been 864 cases of arbitrary detention by Russia. Of these 864 individuals 763 men, 101 women and 7 underage males have been detained by the authorities.

In the 36-page report released by the mission the findings were collected after 70 visits to detention centres and more than 1,000 interviews of people. Ukraine has violated norms and has arrested people through arbitrary detention but not as much as Russia.

War Crimes

Head of the mission Matilda Bogner told a press briefing in Geneva “We documented the summary execution of 77 civilians while they were arbitrarily detained by the Russian Federation.” She also stated that cases perpetrated by Russian authorities is an example of war crime and it is also gross violation of Human Rights Law. She further added that number of capital punishments are more than what they were able to record. “Clearly there are more but we don’t expect it to be enormous numbers” she said via video link from Uzhhorod in western Ukraine.

Torture of the detained civilians

The reports finding state that out of 864 civilians held by Russia 178 cases have been recorded in detail. The detainees are subjected to tortures like punching and cutting detainees, electric shocks, putting sharp objects under fingernails, strangling, deprivation of water and food, mock executions and waterboarding.

The report also says that out of 75 detained in Ukraine, half of them have been subjected to torture as well. The Ukrainian authorities provide access to detainees except for one case while their Russian counterparts did not provide access even after multiple requests.

In report Russia has been called out to stop summary executions and take necessary measures to prevent it in future.

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