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Home WORLD US: San Francisco Police plans to deploy robots that can kill people

US: San Francisco Police plans to deploy robots that can kill people

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US: The San Francisco Police Department, or SFPD, has suggested using robots that can use “deadly force” and kill suspects while responding to situations in a draft document.

Although 12 of the police department’s 17 robots are not already in service, the draft document details how they will be used, according to sources.

Typically, robots are utilised for bomb disposal and inspection. However, according to a US media report, the San Francisco Police Department intends to employ them for criminal apprehensions, critical occurrences, exigent circumstances, executing a warrant, or during suspicious device inspections.

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Why deploying these robots is required?

SFPD claims that when there is an immediate threat to life and there are no other viable options, the use of “deadly force” is appropriate.

According to sources, the SFPD proposal would also permit the use of lethal forcewhen risk of loss of life to members of the public or officers is imminent and outweighs any other force option available to SFPD.”

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Giving robots the power to kill?

The draft document claimed that giving robots the power to kill will help officers with “ground support and situational awareness” (because these robots can be modified to include machines and grenade launchers).

A committee has given their approval to a draft of the paper. Next week, the full board will decide on it.

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