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China Sandstorm Engulfs Towns in Darkness

This year has seen many natural disasters and terrifying weather phenomena, including volcanic eruptions, storms, wildfires, etc. And it’s only been 7 months!

According to experts, these events will increase in frequency unless extreme efforts are made to slow down the effects of climate change.

Recently, a tremendous sandstorm engulfed towns and villages in northwest China as it swept through the Haixi Mongol and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai province on July 20, 2022.

A video showed the storm rising ominously on the horizon before it moved into populated areas, blocking out the sunlight as winds recorded at 53km/h (33mph) left clouds of sand in their wake.

The sandstorm lasted for nearly four hours on Wednesday, said eyewitnesses.

Interestingly, portions of the Qinghai province are usually very dry. In fact, the northwestern section of the Qinghai province is considered a desert. Forecasters say it’s likely that sand from these desert sandy areas was lofted into the air as thunderstorms developed in the western portion of China at midweek.

No casualties were reported by Chinese state media as a result of the sandstorm.

Sandstorms are becoming increasingly common in Northwest China, in 2021, a huge storm engulfed the city of Dunhuang, restricting mobility as visibility dropped.

The Chinese Meteorological Administration reported that a significant chunk of the population has endured unseasonable, even record-breaking heat this summer. Since mid-June, huge sections of northern, eastern, and central China have faced a long-term heat wave.

At least three cities in the Hebei province, including Lingshou, Gaocheng, and Zhengding, and one city in the Yunnan province, Yanjin, have eclipsed 111 F (44 C) this summer.

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