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Welsh Women gets pipe leak shock; gets slapped with Rs 15 lakh water bill as spillage goes unnoticed for months

A Welsh Women got a pipe leak shock of her life as she received a bill that was higher than expected. It was a rude awakening for her when she was hot with Euro 16,000 water bill, and was told that it was not an administrative mistake.

Water Leak goes undetected for months

Claire Fitzpatrick, a cosmetic product developer from Bridgend, Wales was left astonished when she was slapped by a staggering bill on account of a water leak that gone undetected for months. She had moved into her new home early last year.

Claire Fitzpatrick remarked,

 “I was gobsmacked – they must think I’m operating a waterpark in the back garden,”

She also stated,

“I first realized something was wrong when I was alerted by my bank about my monthly direct debit having gone up. So I rang Welsh Water and was told my outstanding balance was £3,823.27 (over Rs 3 lakh) – I couldn’t believe it.”

Further she added,

 “After that, an engineer came round, said he’d been inspecting the area and believed there was leak somewhere. I was then told that they’d had no luck locating it and that my driveway would probably have to be dug up.”

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Massive hole dug outside Clair’s property

It was just a beginning of troubles which started for Claire, when she returned from a vacation in August , she discovered a sight no one would enjoy seeing after a well-deserved break. To her astonishment, she discovered a massive hole had been dug outside her home. There were instructions to dig deeper in blue spray paint nearby, however the water company could not locate any leakage. Two more attempts were made by the water company to locate leakage, but the issue remained unresolved. In the meantime, Claire got a shock for her life when she received a six-monthly bill for Euro 15,833.11 (approx. Rs 15.75 lakhs).

She was also informed by Welsh Water that they were unable to locate any leak and she will have to bear the cost of hiring a private contractor to do so. At the moment Claire’s account have been frozen until a decision is made regarding the next course of action, and there have even been discussions about payment plans. Further Claire has expressed dismay and disbelief at the very thought of paying back almost Euro 16,000 and has voiced her inability to pay the water bill.

Welsh Water has revealed that they are aware of the leak at Claire’s property and have found that the leak was on their pipework, but rather on internal pipework on Claire’s property. Further stated that Claire is responsible for leaks on internal pipework. Welsh Water has stated that its representatives are still in contact with Claire to advise her on steps to resolve the issue. They have also explained that once the repair is complete, they will apply an allowance to her account in the event of internal weaks.

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