What is Blue Whale Suicide Game That Allegedly Led to Indian Student’s Death in US

Blue Whale Suicide Game

Blue Whale Suicide Game: In March, a first-year student committed suicide in what is believed to be a macabre online challenge game known as the “Blue Whale Challenge,” sometimes referred to as the “suicide game,” marking a terrible first for Indian students attending US colleges and institutions.

Identification and Circumstances of the Victim

The 20-year-old was a first-year University of Massachusetts student; his name will not be disclosed here per the desires of his family. March 8 was the date of his death. A representative for the Bristol County District Attorney, Gregg Miliote, stated that the matter is being looked into as “apparent suicide”.

He was mistakenly recognized as a Boston University student, leading to widespread reports that his death was a murder. His body was discovered in a car in a jungle, and it was reported that he had been robbed. The student was later given a name by the Boston Globe newspaper.

Overview of the Blue Whale Challenge

The “Blue Whale Challenge” is an online game where players are tasked with dares that get harder to complete over 50 stages. Official sources claim the student held his breath for two minutes.

Years ago, the Indian government attempted to outlaw this game, but ultimately decided to provide a more thorough recommendation. “Blue whale game (the suicide game) is abetment to suicide,” stated the IT ministry in a 2017 advisory, one year after the game’s release.

Investigation Update by Gregg Miliote

When asked directly about the student’s demise in this particular game, Miliote replied, “We don’t know anything about it. Since it appears to be a suicide, the matter is being probed. Before the investigation is closed, we are awaiting the medical examiner’s final findings. On March 22, this took place. Requests for updates have not received a response. On Friday, he failed to reply to both a voicemail and a text message.”

What is Blue Whale Challenge?

The “Blue Whale Challenge” is a 2016 social media craze that certain countries claim to have adopted. It’s a “game” that supposedly consists of a set of chores that administrators give participants to do over the course of 50 days. The tasks are initially benign but eventually include elements of self-harm, with the last challenge asking the player to commit suicide.

There are rumors that the game is played on social networking sites. There is a participant and an administrator involved. For a duration of fifty days, the administrator assigns one assignment per day. The tasks are rather easy at first, but they get harder and tougher until the point where self-harm occurs.

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