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Adam Harry: India’s first trans Pilot is now a Zomato delivery boy

Adam Harry: In the year 2019, he became India’s first ‘transgender trainee pilot’. And after receiving support from the Kerala Government, he was about to become a commercial pilot. Two years later, he is a delivery man for Zomato. Why? Because the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) says he is unfit to fly as long as he is on hormone therapy. (Say, What?)
Well, this is the story of Adam Harry, whose dreams got shattered and reality became bitter!

The Government of India has taken big steps for the betterment of the transgender community in the last few years. But currently, an unfortunate story of Adam Harry, a 23-year-old private-pilot license holder from South Africa is going viral. He wanted to become a pilot since childhood, and he worked hard for it, but only because of his gender, he is now forced to work with Zomato as a delivery person.

Adam’s Past

He was born in a conservative Muslim family in Thrissur, Kerala. Where Adam, was assigned female at birth and raised as one. As a teen, he began to question his gender identity and refused to grow his hair or dress up like a girl. On this, his family beat him and forced him to visit psychiatrists.
Then, he decided to come out as a 17-year-old trans man in a social media post while he was in South Africa. His parents forced him to return to India and further decided to put him under “house arrest”. Then what? for close to 10 months, he was beaten up and was forced to dress up as a woman, and urged to undergo “correction therapy”. Later, Adam Harry escaped and found shelter at bus stands as well as railway stations for 10 days before finding a trans community in Ernakulum, where he later found work at a juice parlous.

Kerala government Initiative

According to a report in The Hindu, Harry took the exam for a private pilot’s license. After this, he also got a private pilot’s license in Johannesburg in 2017. And after returning back to India, he got a scholarship of Rs 22 lakh from the state. it was then that Harry felt he has reached close to his dream, but he just didn’t know that the road ahead was more difficult.

Unfit in psychometric test

According to reports, Adam was a girl at birth but later became a man. After Johannesburg, he joined Asian Academy and appeared for the class 2 medical exam. When he filled the form, he opted for female in gender. While at the time of the exam Adam declared herself transgender. DGCA has not yet given the option of transgender in the medical examination. Thus he failed and was declared ‘temporarily unfit’ in the psychometric test. (Unfortunate, but true! )

DGCA’s Statement

Harry’s dream has been shattered, and he is now working as a delivery boy in Zomato, even after completing his pilot training. In this particular matter, a DGCA official said that the candidate had gender dysphoria i.e. he had a different gender at the time of birth, whereas now he is something else. Apart from this, he may not be allowed to fly because of his hormone therapy.

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What’s next?

Where Adam Harry says that he is willing to fight it out and open a “window” for others who may follow him, and pledges to fight as well as inspire man. While Harry plans to file a petition in the High Court against DGCA for denying his medical certificate. Till then, he plans to ride a bike, delivering you food till he is able to fly a plane.

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