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Rahul Gandhi Calls Out Adani Yet Again! Accuses Energy Giant of Pocketing Public Funds

Rahul Gandhi is making waves with his accusations against the Adani Group and rising electricity costs. He links this to costly coal imports and a recent scandal that was covered in a Financial Times piece.

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said that the reason why electricity prices in the nation are rising is because the Adani Group was buying coal from Asian countries over its market value, citing a UK-based journal, Financial Times.

Rahul Gandhi’s Explosive Accusations

Rahul Gandhi alleged while addressing a press conference in Delhi that, “In a report from the famous Financial Times, London, Now we know that Adani Group has committed another fraud of Rs 12,000 crore. So now the total corruption of the Adani Group stands at Rs 32,000 crore. They over invoice their coal imports, and when the coal enters India, its price changes leading to surge in electricity prices. These Rs 12,000 crore are getting paid from the pocket of common masses.”

Rahul Gandhi Criticizes Media Silence on Adani Controversy and Surging Electricity Prices

Rahul Gandhi stated, “We are also ready to provide subsidies in Madhya Pradesh,” highlighting the fact that the Congress is already offering subsidies in Karnataka. “This story interests no media outlet. Nobody wants to inquire about anything from the Adani group. Without the Prime Minister’s protection, this cannot take place. When coal from Indonesia reaches India, Adani purchases it, and the cost of the coal doubles. The cost of our electricity is rising,” he added

Rahul Gandhi Accuses Adani Group of Draining Public Finances

Rahul Gandhi went on to claim that the Adani Group is directly stealing money from the government. “This time the theft is happening from the pockets of the public. When you push the button for a switch, Adani gets money in his pocket. Enquiry is happening in different countries, and people are asking questions, but nothing is happening in India,” he said. The UK-based daily Financial Times and its allies are making a fresh effort, according to the Adani Group, to repeat old and unfounded accusations in an effort to damage the reputation and position of the Indian corporate giant. This was said earlier this week.

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