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MP News: PM Narendra Modi to Inaugurate World’s First Vedic Clock in Ujjain

Time Travel with Tradition: Unveiling the World's First Vedic Clock

MP News

MP News: In a historic moment for timekeeping, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to virtually inaugurate the world’s first Vedic Ghadi, a groundbreaking digital clock that blends ancient Indian timekeeping traditions with modern technology. Scheduled for inauguration on March 1, this innovative timepiece promises to revolutionize how time is perceived and utilized.

Reviving Ancient Traditions

The Vedic Ghadi, towering at an impressive 85 feet near Jantar Mantar close to Jiwaji Vidyashala in Ujjain, embodies India’s rich heritage of time calculation. Spearheaded by Director of Vikram Shodh Peeth, Shriram Tiwari, this clock marks a significant step towards reclaiming Ujjain’s historical position as the center of time calculation.

Bridging Past and Present

With its integration of Internet connectivity and Global Positioning System (GPS), the Vedic Ghadi will offer a wealth of information beyond conventional timekeeping. Alongside Indian Standard Time (IST) and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), it will provide invaluable insights into Panchang and 30 Muhurat, lunar and solar eclipses, sunrise and sunset timings, planetary positions, yogas, bhadra, moon phases, constellations, and choghadiya.

A Window to Cosmic Alignments

Through the mobile app “Vikramaditya Vedic Clock,” designed by Aaroh Srivastava, users will have access to the clock’s features and real-time updates. The app promises to deliver not only the auspicious moments but also captivating imagery of sunsets, solar eclipses, and celestial phenomena from around the globe.

Vision for the Future

Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav‘s ambition to relocate the Prime Meridian from Greenwich to Ujjain underscores the significance of this endeavor. Ujjain’s historical legacy, dating back centuries, coupled with its geographical position along the Tropic of Cancer, reaffirms its rightful place as a beacon of timekeeping.

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