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Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan, who has cursed India day and night, has suddenly become the biggest fan of India. In a public meeting on Sunday, he openly praised India and also saluted it. Everyone was surprised to see this changed style of Imran Khan.

Imran Khan built bridges of praise for India
According to the report, Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan was addressing a large public meeting in Malakand district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Sunday. In this public meeting, Imran Khan tied the bridge of praise for India and said that India’s foreign country is for its own people.

Imran Khan said in the rally, ‘I salute India today. They have always followed an independent foreign policy. Today India has an alliance with America in the quad and is also buying oil from Russia while sanctions are in place because India’s policy is for its people.’

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He also criticized the European Union for taking Pakistan under pressure over the Ukraine crisis. He said that whatever EU diplomats say to Pakistan, they are afraid to say the same thing to India. On the Russian attack on Ukraine, he pressured Pakistan to criticize Russia but refrained from saying anything to India.

In this public meeting, Imran Khan offered his rebel MPs to return to the party and support the government on the no-confidence motion. He said that if the disgruntled MPs of the party miss this opportunity, then the whole country will understand that the MPs have sold their conscience by voting in favor of thieves. Imran said that the time has come for the people of Pakistan to take a decision. Dargai’s youth will support the party which has worked for Pakistan. The opposition has given a no-confidence motion against Imran Khan. On which voting can be held on 27 March. If Imran loses this offer, then his chair may go.

Ever since Imran Khan came to power in Pakistan. He has started a campaign of propaganda against India everywhere. He has raised the issue of Kashmir from UN, OIC to every international forum and has demanded intervention in this matter. However, due to the increasing influence of India, he did not get any positive response from anywhere. Due to which Imran has been constantly frustrated. In such a situation, many people are surprised to hear the praise of the enemy country India from their mouth.

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