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BJP MPs and Ethics Committee Members Describe Mahua Moitra’s Behavior as Arrogant During Inquiry

BJP MPs are criticising TMC MP Mahua Moitra for her alleged disruptive and haughty behaviour during a Parliament Ethics Committee investigation.

Mahua Moitra, a member of the Trinamool Congress (TMC), is being accused of using funds to ask questions in parliament, a serious charge. For Mahua, Thursday was a day of growing challenges. because Mahua appeared in this case before the Lok Sabha’s Ethics Committee. He was questioned of providing businessman Darshan Hiranandani with his parliamentary login ID during this time. He was questioned in-depth by the Ethics Committee members.

Mahua Moitra’s Accusations

Mahua has accused committee chairman MP Vinod Kumar of asking unethical questions. He said, the Ethics Committee asked him objectionable questions. Moitra said in her complaint to the Speaker, ‘I am distressed and writing a letter to you to inform you about the unethical, disgusting and prejudicial behavior meted out to me by the committee chairman during the hearing of the Ethics Committee. To put it idiomatically, he stripped me of my clothes in the presence of all the members of the committee.’

BJP MP Dr Rajdeep Roy’s Perspective

BJP MP Dr. Rajdeep Roy, a member of the Parliament’s Ethics Committee looking into allegations of bribery against TMC MP Mahua Moitra, says, “Mahua Moitra was given a chance to speak. She spoke at length uninterrupted. In fact, we didn’t want to listen to her personal stories. Despite that, she alleged that she was not heard. In the post-lunch session of the Committee, after answering a few questions she started creating a ruckus and said that you have no right to ask this question as it is personal in nature. Being an MP, you can’t say that allegations are personal in nature so you can’t answer….Mahua Moitra was given almost 2-2.5 hours to plead her side of the story.”

Aparajita Sarangi’s Statement

BJP MP and member of the Parliament Ethics Committee, Aparajita Sarangi also give statement in media. She said, “She behaved in a very arrogant, rude manner. She was very bitter. She was very angry. And she didn’t know how to express her anger. And that is why she resorted to unparliamentary language. The words that were used by her for the chairman and other members of the committee cannot be told in public. And all the opposition members who were the members of the ethics panel also lost their cool. And they banged the chair, they banged the table and they humiliated all of us who were part of the committee. This was not expected from the honourable MPs, especially Mahua Moitra. She should have behaved decently. Too much of aggression, too much of arrogance and too much of rudeness is not good for her health.”

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