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NCERT Approves ‘Bharat’ Over ‘India’ for Upcoming Educational Textbooks, Check Out Other Major Changes

In the ongoing discussion over the nation's national identity, the NCERT panel's decision to substitute "Bharat" for "India" in future school texts is a significant development.


NCERT: The members of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) panel have overwhelmingly agreed to print the next batch of books with the name “Bharat” rather than “India.” One of the panellists, CI Isaac, stated that the new NCERT books will have a different title. According to Isaac, the proposal was made a few months ago and is now approved.

Debate Over Renaming the Nation to ‘Bharat’

The suggestion of the NCERT panel was made in the midst of a dispute over whether or not to rename the nation “Bharat.” This started earlier in the year when President Droupadi Murmu‘s G20 dinner invitations were delivered by the Centre using the title “President of Bharat” rather than “President of India,” which led to a political controversy. The name of our nation is defined as “India, that is Bharat shall be a Union of States” in Article 1(1) of the Constitution.

PM Modi’s Address at G20 Summit with ‘Bharat’ Nameplate

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the G20 Leaders Summit in September at the Bharat Mandapam in Delhi’s Pragati Maidan, his “Bharat” nameplate was on the table. A sign reading “Bharat” was visible in pictures and videos that were extensively circulated on social media during PM Modi’s opening speech at the summit.

Emphasis on ‘Hindu Victories’ in Textbooks

The NCERT committee has also suggested that “Hindu victories” be highlighted in the textbooks in the interim. Additionally, it has suggested that “classical history” be included in textbooks rather than “ancient history.” According to Isaac, history would no longer be separated into three periods—ancient, mediaeval, and modern—as done by the British, who depicted India as being in the dark and ignorant of advancements in science and knowledge. The committee has additionally suggested that the Indian Knowledge System (IKS) be incorporated into every subject’s curriculum.

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