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5 Things Nora Fatehi does to maintain that Toned and Fabulous body

Nora Fatehi: From belly dancing and acting to being a fashion icon and known as one of the most fit actresses in the Industry, Nora Fatehi definitely knows to ace in every field possible. And in order to maintain that toned and fit body, there is a lot of hard work that goes that way. While Nora has always mentioned on how she eats everything be it pasta or potato but has it in small portions. Other than that, there are a lot of things that This ‘Dilbar’ fame follows to get those perfect curves.
Let’s take a look at the Top 5 things, Bora Fatehi follows to be Fit and Fabulous!

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1. Dancing is the key!

Nora has always mentioned on how she is really not a gym person and occasionally hits the gym. But it’s the hardcore dancing and practices that compensate for everything and act as a usual workout only.
From the belly, contemporary to Hip Hip, Nora makes sure to add different dance styles to her routine.

2. Almond Milk for Breakfast!

Rather than going for cow’s or buffalo’s milk, she opts to have Almond Milk for breakfast and includes that with her eggs and bread. This vitamin E rich milk, acts as a strong antioxidant as well.

3. opts to have Fruits Every day!

Nora Fatehi makes sure to have fruits on a daily basis. While Mango is her favourite fruit. During winters she opts to have peaches and strawberries. This not only acts as a substitute for her sugar cravings but is also good for her skin as well!

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4. Broccoli for an Empty Stomach

If she desires to have something filling and rick in protein, then Nora Fatehi opts to have broccoli. Sometimes she adds it up in her salad or goes for the steam form of that!

5. No oil and mashed potatoes for dinner

Nora believes in portion control and eats less amount of food for dinner. In one of the old interviews Nora had mentioned on how she goes for a no oil diet and mashed potatoes is one of her favourites.

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