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Bigg Boss 17: Ankita and Vicky split! Are separate residences fuelling the fire?

Bigg Boss 17: With the latest re-shuffling introduced by Bigg Boss, Ankita and Vicky have been separated from each other. Their relationship was already in a tight spot and now things are heading down the drain even more rapidly.

Bigg Boss 17
Bigg Boss 17: Ankita and Vicky split! Are separate residences fuelling the fire?

Bigg Boss 17: After a few weeks of explosive performance by all the contestants, BB announced the Result Day in the House. Don’t worry! We are not talking about the final result of Bigg Boss. But after careful analysis of each member’s attributes, Bigg Boss came up with their Report Cards which also meant the re-shuffling of houses. Unfortunately, Ankita and Vicky were put in separate houses. Ankita was heartbroken but Vicky was really excited to be in the House of Brain. How will the couple tackle the misunderstandings that follow?

Bigg Boss 17: Differences arise between Ankita and Vicky after splitting

The latest episode of Bigg Boss was very exciting for the contestants and viewers alike. Bigg Boss presented each contestant’s report card in front of their respective new houses. Most of the individuals were happy about the re-shuffling, however, Ankita became really depressed. The reason was that she was separated from her husband, who got the House of Dimaag (Brain). While Ankita was shedding tears of sadness, Vicky was enjoying a burst of good laughter with his brand-new teammates in the House of Brain.

Upon seeing the drastic contrast in reactions of the two, Bigg Boss asked Ankita why she was feeling so low. Ankita responded, “Obviously Bigg Bass, I’m here and my husband is there.” Bigg Boss replied in a playful way, “But the person for whom you are shedding tears is laughing in his new house.” From then onwards, Ankita kept sulking into her own gloomy emotions. The couple kept fighting consistently throughout the episode and Ankita wept a lot the entire time. But Vicky was somehow not able to empathize with her.

Ankita and Vicky’s relationship in turmoil?

Throughout their fight, Vicky seemed to be unfazed by Ankita’s tears. There were many instances when she couldn’t take the pain and just left crying, expecting her husband to come after her and console her, but he never came. Ultimately, when she was leaving to hit the bed she returned to call Vicky to have a word. She then said with a lot of pain in her heart, “Now I know the real you. You were like this from the beginning itself. Only I couldn’t see it earlier. You never loved me, all this while you were just pretending to do so… When I see other husbands… when I see Neil, I wonder, no matter what, he really cares for his wife. She puts him through so much but he doesn’t leave her be, he treats her well and makes her understand. And here I am. What is it that I do not possess? Am I ugly? I don’t understand what am I lacking that I wasn’t able to keep you happy in life.”

The question is, where are they headed from here? Whatever happens in the show should remain in the show. But it would be disastrous for the two if this little detour impacts their relationship in real life.

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