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Temptation Island India: Hearts on fire in Girls’ Villa! Chetna and Gargee burst into tears amid heartbreak, Watch

Temptation Island India: Tonight will be a night filled with heart aches. As girls witness their partners getting close to tempters, will their love stand the trial of temptation? Chetna and Gargee are on the verge of breaking. Will they be able to survive?

Temptation Island India: What happens when committed boys are left with tempters in the Villa? Tonight’s episode will feature a girls’ bonfire night in which they will get to see how their partners fare with tempters around them. Several hearts are already on the verge of breaking. Meanwhile, Gargee and Chetna are losing it all upon seeing their partners falling for other girls in their own Villa. How will they be able to survive the onslaught of the Temptation Island?

Temptation Island India: Events unfurled at the Girls’ Bonfire Night

Tonight’s episode is going to be a heart-stabber as girls witness their beloved partners getting close to their tempters. Recently, Jio Cinema’s official Instagram handle dropped the promo of the upcoming episode of the must-watch dating reality show. Apparently, tonight’s episode will feature a Girls’ Bonfire Night in which one-half of the couples will get to witness their counterparts in action with the tempters. The promo revealed the utterly broken state of two of the participants in particular, Chetna Pande and Gargee Nandy.

Chetna broke into tears when she saw Nishank romancing with Navisha. Things would have been bearable if they were left till romance; however, Chetna couldn’t control herself after hearing a bold statement from Nishank. He said, “Definitely I would have made Navisha my girlfriend…” On the other hand, Gargee’s heart was left in pieces upon seeing the love of her life Ronak, romancing a tempter. She said, “If he is not there in my life then nothing would be left. Please give me Ronak I want to get out of here. Please!”

Cheshta Bhagat on Arjun Aneja’s Betrayal

A shocking response from Cheshta in the promo revealed the current status of her relationship with Arjun Aneja. Upon seeing Arjun romancing with a tempter, Chesta said, “I am tensed for the girl that she may not fall in love with Arjun and later cry like me.” Cheshta and Arjun had experienced 10 years of ups and downs in their relationship before coming on the show. However, they kept coming back to each other for one reason or the other. It is highly questionable whether anything can save their relationship from breaking apart now.

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