Temptation Island India: New shockers at Bonfire Night! Inside secrets revealed from flings; Watch

Temptation Island India

Temptation Island India: New shockers at Bonfire Night! Inside secrets revealed from flings; Watch

Temptation Island India: Bonfire Night is one of the most intimidating sessions of the show. Every time a new shocker(s) arrives at a Bonfire Night episode that puts the couples in a dilemma. The upcoming Girls’ Bonfire Night is going to be equally enthralling as tempters reveal their side of the story while getting close to boys. Some secrets can either break you or make you! Which one is it going to be for the girls? Will they be able to keep trusting their partners?

Temptation Island India: Secrets out at Girls’ Bonfire Night

The upcoming episode of the must-see dating show is bringing back the testing grounds of Bonfire Night in the Girls’ Villa. The girls and boys, both have witnessed repeatedly what goes on inside the respective villas between their partners and tempters. However, this time, the girls will get to know the point of view of tempters regarding their flings with the girls’ partners. The promo reveals some of the secrets that the girls never even thought about.

The video begins with Ronak’s tempter talking about her relationship with him. She says, “Ronak and my connection is quite emotional.” Gargee immediately reacts to this by saying, “Whatever decision I may take, or with whomsoever I may go, Ronak will come running towards me.” Mouni Roy then slams her saying, “There is a big difference between confidence and overconfidence.” Further, Nishank’s tempter says about Chetna, “The actions she takes off camera do not match.” Another one says, “Nishank said to me also, come to my place when Chetna would have gone for shoot.”

Netizens’ response to the fresh promo

Netizens came swarming as soon as the new promo was dropped by Jio Cinema’s official Instagram handle. They showed support toward their favorite contestants and also showered appreciation toward the show’s hosts. Some of their comments read, “Karan loved the way u host and give clear view points,” “nidhi is looking like joker,” “Wow chetna lovely,” “Only watching for karan,” etc.

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