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Health Tips: Why should you have Ghee and Jaggery in winter? Check out astounding benefits

Health Tips: Ghee and Jaggery are known to have amazing health benefits but did you know these are essentially good for eating in winters? See how they protect you from the cold weather.

Health Tips: Ghee and Jaggery are your best pals for winter and this is not the first time you have heard about this. These two kitchen ingredients have been used by Indians for medicinal purposes since time immemorial and we have learnt all about it from our elders. They are inherently warm and they have the potential to protect you in the harsh winters. Here are the several health benefits they offer.

Health Tips: Magical benefits of consuming ghee in winters

Ghee is a dairy product and possibly a dear sibling of butter. It is made by cooking milk on low heat for a prolonged duration. This process separates the milk solids and leaves behind a pure fat content. This residue pure fat is ghee and it has a savory nutty flavor. Indians love a spoonful of ghee spread on their hot ‘fulkas’ (chapatis) before eating. However, apart from enhancing the flavor of any dish, these are the health benefits that ghee offers, especially in winter:

Treats painful joints

Joint pain can be a handful, especially for the elderly in winter. Ghee has anti-inflammatory properties which can relieve you from pain and stiffness in joints.

Acts as an Immunity Booster

The fatty acids present in ghee are very good for your immune system. They strengthen from the inside giving it a boost and thereby protecting you from several infection-causing micro-organisms.

Grants you internal warmth

It is often advised to consume inherently warm foods during winter to keep your body temperature higher. Ghee is one of those foods which provide warmth to the body from the inside.

Safeguards your skin

The most affected part of our body during winter is our skin. No matter how much you try to cover, you cannot escape dryness. The fatty acids and vitamins present in ghee can provide internal protection against the harshness of winter keeping the skin moisturized.

Health Tips: Wonder working benefits of Jaggery in winters

Another most important food for winter is jaggery. This amazing alternative to refined sugar is native to India. It is made of concentrated cane juice and consists of around 50% sucrose, 20% invert sugars, and 20% moisture. It is considered inherently warm. Here are its amazing health benefits for winter:

Friendly partner of your immune system

Just like ghee, jaggery is also very beneficial for your immune system. Diseases like colds, coughs, and viral flu are very common during winter. However, these affect the people with weaker immune systems the most. Jaggery can give your immunity the necessary boost and keep you protected from all such diseases.

Helps in digestion

Digestive issues increase during winter due to less mobility. Consequently, it is advised to add foods that help in digestion to your diet. It also prevents constipation.

Source of essential nutrients

Cold weather can weaken your muscle and bone function. Apart from working out, you need to replenish your body with minerals like magnesium, potassium, and iron. Jaggery is a rich source of all these three minerals.  

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