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Health Tips: From Peanut Chaat to Roasted Chickpeas; 5 healthy Indian snacks you can have for weight loss

We present to you a carefully chosen collection of 5 healthful snacks that will complement your fitness objectives while also tantalizing your taste senses. 

Health Tips: People are very fond of eating to their heart’s content, but increasing weight becomes a cause of trouble for everyone. Weight loss does not happen by natural means at one time and hence it is important to consume certain foods that are helpful in reducing your body weight. Indian food is very beneficial for health and it also has a special contribution to weight loss. There are several Indian snacks that can help us in losing weight and they will make us cheerful and energetic all day. Take a look at 5 Indian snacks for weight loss below;

Peanut Chaat

When combined with raw mangoes, tomatoes, maize, pomegranates, and a variety of masalas, peanut chaat becomes an even more delicious snack. You can enjoy this snack and quench your hunger by eating them.

Moong Dal Ki Chaat

Moong Dal Ki Chaat is a blend of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables with protein-rich dal. To make this snack, you can also include veggies such as raw mangoes, carrots, pomegranates, mint leaves, and coriander. This is a tasty and nutritious snack that takes ten minutes to prepare. 

Corn Chaat

You can have a guilt-free, healthful snack like corn chaat. Mixing cucumber, corn, tomatoes, vegetables, and onions is all that is required. But you could also add some lime juice and coriander-infused chaat masala to it.

Cottage Cheese

The ideal protein source is cottage cheese. With just three grams of carbohydrates per serving, it will satisfy your hunger and make a great, healthful snack.

Roasted Chickpeas

A pantry essential is roasted chickpeas, which you may always have on hand for those unexpected cravings for food. These nutritious snacks contain a good amount of protein, lots of satisfying fiber, a nutty flavor, and a meaty texture.

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