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Health Tips: Urvashi Rautela’s Hourglass Figure Secrets Revealed; Checkout Her Diet Plan

Urvashi Rautela's secret to healthy body is revealed by her nutritionist, Shweta Shah, unveiling her healthy diet.

Health Tips
Health Tips

Health Tips: Urvashi Rautela, the Indian actress is one of the fittest celebrities in the country. As she does enjoy a heavy workout to maintain her figure, skin and hair, she puts more emphasis on diet. However, her strict diet is curated by the celebrity nutritionist, Shweta Shah. Therefore, this actress and model stays fit by pairing this diet with her workouts that include, Yoga, strength training and cardio. This actress also follows intermittent fasting on many days to ensure weight regulation


The actress likes to have a heavy breakfast that includes, eggs and protein shakes or Poha and sprouts. The breakfast is kept filling as Urvashi Rautela likes to have it post-workout. Therefore, this breakfast is filling and energy-inducing as it is high in protein and carbs. Between breakfast and lunch, she likes to have a snack, a bowl of fruits, preferably strawberries and grapes.


For lunch, she generally has a desi lunch involving, roti and sabzi. However, she opts for millet flour instead of wheat flour to make her rotis. Moreover, she also has a side of salad with her lunch to balance the diet. At the same time, she uses ghee in her diet and puts a decent amount on her rotis.


For dinner, she eats grilled chicken or fish. Along with this, she pairs, Doodhi Muthiyas or paneer. This dinner is high in protein.

Other diet habits

Urvashi Rautela is extremely fond of parathas. Therefore, she eats paratha but uses millet flour instead of regular wheat flour. She finds this to be just as hearty and satisfying. She is also a fan of Moong Dal Chilla with a generous amount of ghee.

On the days she eats rice, she replaces regular rice with cauliflower rice. Moreover, she is also a huge fan of soups, which help fill her up.

Lastly, her diet includes a lot of fluids and juices, before or after workouts preferably. She drinks mint and coriander juice to detoxify her body. Celery, cucumber, ginger, mint, parsley juice for bloating and acidity. Lastly, she drinks ABC juice, amla, carrot and beetroot juice, which is her favourite

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