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Sadhguru Tips: After India’s Victory in ICC World Cup 2023 Semi-Finals; Jaggi Vasudev Weighs in on The Secret to Win the Finals

Sadhguru shares his wisdom to winning the ICC ODI World Cup 2023 for the Indian Cricket Team

Sadhguru Tips: As the Indian Crocket team is thriving in the ICC World Cup 2023, people have been eagerly waiting for the team to bring home to trophy. The ICC World Cup 2023 is taking place in India and has reached the finals in the last match. Not only that, with a clean streak, the Indian team has come out victorious in all the matches played by them. However, since their victory in the semi-finals against New Zealand, the nation’s eyes have come together to see the Indian cricket team take home the World Cup.

Sadhguru’s tips on how to win the ICC World Cup

In an event, Sadhguru shares his advice to win the World Cup by winning the finals. On this topic, Sadhguru says that the secret to winning the World Cup, or any match for that matter, is to have an eye on the ball instead of the prize. Therefore, instead of thinking about the prize and everything that is going to happen after they win, just focus on the ball. Thus, the player’s sole purpose is to focus on playing the game, not winning. Therefore, they should only care about playing their best and defeating their opponents.

How can the Indian cricket team win ICC World Cup?

Similarly, the Indian cricket team will be playing their finals on Sunday, 12th November, 2023. Therefore, all they need to focus on is playing the game as best as they can and victory will come to them. Keeping focus on the cup will not contribute to their victory

This advice is not only valuable for cricket matches but also for life. One must take every challenge by giving one’s best. Wanting to win will not lead to victory. therefore, trying to do your best at every task given will eventually lead to victory in life.

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