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Sadhguru Tips: Tired of Pains and Aches? Jaggi Vasudev Shares The Best Sitting Posture For Maximum Comfort

Sadhguru shares the best sitting posture and other yoga techniques for maximum comfort

Sadhguru Tips: We often get called out for our posture daily. However, it is important to note that not every comfortable posture is good for you. Sadhguru weighs in on the importance of keeping your posture in check and the right way of doing it.

Sadhguru throws light on the issue of sitting in a reclining chair

Everyone knows that yoga has long-term healing effects on the body. However, it also brings short-term relief in the body that can be essential for people who work sitting down for long hours. Sadhguru says that the ones who sit in a recliner chair for long periods, tend to feel tired as opposed to someone who sits upright. Even though your muscles feel comfortable in it, your joints and bones do not feel comfortable in this position. Therefore, the organs tend to suffer.

The correct sitting position according to Sadhguru

Sadhguru tells us the correct posture that is the most comfortable way of sitting down. This involves sitting cross-legged with a straight back. Therefore, the body weight is distributed in a larger surface area as compared to other postures where the weight is accumulated on the butt. Moreover, Sadhguru says that in this posture, people can sit for long periods without hurting, as compared to any other posture.

Upa Yoga for body posture according to Sadhguru

As a result, Sadhguru advises yoga as a remedy for people who sit down for periods either for work, studies or travel. For this he suggests a yogic tool named, Upa Yoga. This involves gentle movement of the muscles of the wrist, elbows and neck that brings stimulation to the body and relieves any pain. Moreover, it is so gentle that the probability of injury is little to none. Other than that, it helps keep the body feeling fresh and energetic.

Breath, thought and awareness are the biggest weapons of the body when used with intention, can have miraculous effects on the body

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