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Sadhguru Tips: Chess prodigy Praggnanandhaa seeks guru’s wisdom on handling tension; Read to know his answer

Sadhguru Tips: India’s influential spiritual leader, Sadhguru, has lent his profound insights to a seemingly disparate domain – the world of chess. Praggnanandhaa, a chess grandmaster, sought Sadhguru’s guidance on managing tension during crucial moments in the game, resulting in a conversation that transcends the chessboard.

Sadhguru’s unique perspective

Intrigued by Praggnanandhaa’s query about handling tension, Sadhguru decoded tension’s essence. He likened it to a form of controlled madness driven by overwhelming thoughts. Sadhguru’s analogy of representing a nation and parental expectations emphasized the need to focus on the game’s essence, unburdened by external pressures.

The art of attention 

Sadhguru’s counsel distilled to a crucial principle: focusing on the present move. Rather than succumbing to the fear of victory or defeat, he stressed the importance of channeling unwavering attention to the current move. This approach, he believed, would enhance Praggnanandhaa’s game by avoiding unnecessary overthinking.

From champion to true chess player

Sadhguru’s parting words carried profound significance. He encouraged Praggnanandhaa to shed the obsession with winning titles and instead embody the essence of a genuine chess player. By embracing each move with presence and attention, Praggnanandhaa would naturally rise to championship levels, regardless of outcomes.

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