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Sadhguru Tips: Food Allergies Causing Trouble? Check Out Spiritual Guru’s Mantra to Settle The Issue

Sadhguru Tips: The spiritual guru imparts deep and perceptive knowledge to his followers, and through his amazing teachings, they achieve success. Because he imparts helpful knowledge, his videos of him sharing these things with others go viral online. Along with advice on living a healthy lifestyle, he most recently offered advice on overcoming food allergies. Many people benefited from his advice, and some of them continue to benefit from it now. If you have ever experienced food allergies, you should take precautions and watch the video to learn about practical methods.

Sadhguru Shares Tips to Overcome Food Allergies

The spiritual guru always shares tips about being healthy and he gives useful tips to people to overcome different health challenges. The recent video which was uploaded on her Instagram account showed him talking about overcoming food allergies. His teachings will help you overcome food allergies properly.

Jaggi Vasudev said, “The main thing is body is resisting something. In yoga, we’re looking at what is within you? Which doesn’t like this? See, the difference between allopathic system and this is, allopathic system is looking at what is the chemical in the food which is causing allergy. Here, we are looking at what is within you, which is causing the resistance to a particular food substance, because it’s a food, it’s not poison.”

Here’s How Devotees Reacted

His videos make rounds on the internet and the people who follow him always follow what he says. In the comment section of the video, they reacted and showed their interest. One user wrote, “My acute sinusitis just disappeared after 2 months of regular practice. Dust allergy and migraine headache disappeared in 3 months and it’s been a year full of health, grace and happiness.”

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