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Sadhguru Tips: Is Food and Cancer Connected? Jaggi Vasudev Reveals The Connection; WATCH

Jaggi Vasudev talked about cancer in a new video which was posted on Instagram.

Sadhguru Tips: Popular Indian yogi and spiritual teacher Jaggi Vasudev, popularly known as Sadhguru, emphasizes the value of general well-being. In the video that is becoming popular on the internet, he explains how our eating choices can increase our risk of getting cancer. The spiritual guide may be able to provide readers with enlightening guidance and knowledge on living a healthier lifestyle to prevent cancer. Watch the video to see what he stated regarding lowering the body’s risk of cancer.

Sadhguru shares tips about controlling cancer

The spiritual guru discussing cancer was included in a video posted on Jaggi Vasudev’s official account on World Cancer Day. According to him, there are fourteen different kinds of cancer and eight of them are brought on by eating unhealthily. He disclosed that eating food that has gone bad might hurt one’s health since it contains inertia, which is the equivalent of death for the body. The spiritual guide keeps talking about reducing the risk of developing cancer. To dramatically reduce cancer rates, Sadhguru advised people to pay attention to what they eat and what is happening inside their bodies.

Jaggi Vasudev Shares Four Tips to Enhance Focus

He suggested four tips to enhance focus in your life and he suggested a) Maintain an Empty Stomach b) Sit with Your Legs Folded c) Enhance Attention d) Fall in Love.

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