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Sadhguru Tips: Is Poly Fibre Harmful? Check Out What Jaggi Vasudev Has to Say on This

Sadhguru talks about the harmful effects of poly fibre and how it affects children

Sadhguru Tips: Clothing is a huge part of our lives to protect our bodies from the harshness of climate among other things. In the beginning, humans clothed themselves for survival. However, since the evolution of time, clothing has become more than a mere necessity, it has also become a way of expression and fashion. With this, new materials and styles have been invented to make our experience on earth even better. Since the evolution, many synthetic fibres have also been made that have helped us create more styles and trends. However, these synthetic fibres can have negative effects on the bodies and Sadhguru or Jaggi Vasudev throws light on it.

Sadhguru talks about the horrors of Poly Fibre

Sadhguru speaks up on Poly Fibre and the many horrors of it. He begins by saying that poly fibre is highly flammable. Therefore, to counter that effect, a chemical is put on this fibre that makes it non-flammable. However, while being non-flammable, it causes many other serious problems to the person who wears it. Moreover, he strictly advises children against wearing polyfibre because it can cause diseases like Autism.

What to use instead of Poly Fibre?

As a result, children till the age of 15 should not be done with poly fibre. It can enter the body and create problems for us. Therefore, he suggests children till the age of 16 only wear organic fibre such as cotton, wool, hemp, linen and so on, which is not only good for the body but also the planet.

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