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Sadhguru Tips: Jaggi Vasudev Emphasizes the Importance of Taking Responsibility For Your Actions

Sadhguru emphasises on the importance of being truthful and how it affects our relationship with ourselves and others

Sadhguru Tips
Sadhguru Tips

Sadhguru Tips: Are you someone who lies? According to a survey, it is noted that more than 75 % of people say 2-3 lies every single day. There are several reasons why someone lies, but usually, people do it to make the moment more convenient and easy for them to control. Sadhguru goes in-depth on the importance of staying truthful, not only for the goodness of other people but also for yourself. Moreover, this will also help you build better and more honest relationships.

Why do we lie?

According to Sadhguru, the main reason we lie is to get out of an unpleasant situation. Telling the truth can often be uncomfortable as we feel like it gives away a glimpse of our flaws. Therefore, the easy option in this case is often considered to be lying. Therefore, most people do it to get out of these unpleasant feelings but has many harmful effects.

How does lying affect our relationships?

Once someone lies trust is broken which is very difficult to regain. Trust is something that is slowly built by being vulnerable to each other. Therefore, a simple lie is enough to break that trust. This is relevant for one person or even a million people.

How does lying affect our relationship with ourselves?

Being truthful is also important to build a better relationship with oneself. The first step to being happy is to love and respect yourself. Only then will we find love and respect from others? Therefore, someone who has respect for oneself would not need to lie on any account. Therefore, the more you lie, the lesser the self-concept you have for yourself. Sadhguru says that even though it might be uncomfortable at the moment, taking responsibility for your actions will benefit your relationship with yourself in the long run and help you become a better person.

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