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Sadhguru Tips: Jaggi Vasudev’s Invaluable Insight on The Balance Of 5 Elements in Body To Remove Toxins

Sadhguru talks about detoxifying body using natural methods that leads to the balance of 5 natural elements

Sadhguru Tips: Keeping the body healthy is one of the most crucial responsibilities of our life. For a good life, one needs to treat its body with respect by monitoring the kind of diet one consumes and the exercise one partakes in. Once in a while, Sadhguru recommends detoxifying the body once in a while but using natural ways of doing so.

The body is made of 5 elements, that are, 72% is water, 12% is earth, 6% is air, 6% is space and 4% is fire. These elements need to be balanced in our bodies for their optimum performance. Therefore, an occasional detoxification process needs to be done for the best results that could free you from the physical realm to something deeper.

Element 1- Water

Water is a crucial part of our body. According to Sadhguru, water has memory-retaining properties. Therefore, instead of drinking water straight out of the tap, store it in a container, preferably an earthen pot and let it sit there for a while. Waiting before drinking water can be very beneficial. However, adding tulsi and neem leaves for extra benefits.

Element 2- Earth

The food we eat comes from the earth. It is one of the biggest parts of our nourishment. However, Sadhguru says that when we consume food we are consuming life. Therefore, it is important to give gratitude to the earth and the food.

Element 3- Air

The air we breathe also sustains us, making it a crucial part of our being. Therefore, it is important to breathe fresh air by going out for a walk in a park. Moreover, Sadhguru also advises parents in families who live in the cities to take their children out to see nature at least once a month. These include taking them to the river to swim or to a mountain to climb

Element 4-Space

Space or Akash is the entity that started the creation in its entirety. Moreover, it takes care of itself.

Element 5- Fire

For fire, Sadhguru advised people to get sunlight on every part of their body. There is also one fire within that needs to be properly taken care of too.

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