Sadhguru Tips: Jaggi Vasudev Shares His Views About the Significance of Brahmacharya, Check Out

Sadhguru Tips

Sadhguru Tips

Sadhguru Tips: In this modern world, the thought of leaving worldly pleasures may seem impossible. However, Saadhguru talks about the Brahmachari way of living and the importance of it. He calls it the ‘taste of divine’ that is only felt by experiencing spiritual enlightenment, which makes the person want to give up on worldly pleasures.

Significance of Bhrahmacharis

Brahmacharis are important as they act as a tool to instil spirituality in others. Moreover, they also pass it on from generation to generation, further promoting the very lifestyle. Therefore, they keep spirituality relevant through their energies that work very differently.

The brahman is the divine or the ultimate. Therefore, rocket-like energy brings the individual to reach the divine with its energy. This involves getting rid of anything that may act as a distraction or an energy sucker. For this, one has to get rid of the worldly possessions that confuse life. Once rid, life gets simpler which can lead one to achieve the divine.

Parvati Sadhana

He gives the backstory of Parvati who was in love with Shiva and wanted to marry him. Instead, she focussed on her Sadhana which eventually led to her leaving food altogether, except for eating two leaves a day.

Path of a Brahmacharya

Sadhguru suggests that we can get rid of a few things in our life that is highly energy-consuming and instead, use that energy to do something bigger and surpass the existing dimension. For Brahmachari, there is no personal life or gain. Their sole focus is achieving their divine and they are ready to give up everything for that.

Sadhguru says that the Bhrahmachari’s path is to wake up like they were just born and sleep as if they were dying. Their present should be dedicated to helping others and giving to the world instead of pleasing oneself. Therefore, in conclusion, you have to admit your madness and stop caring about society.

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