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Sadhguru Tips: Jaggi Vasudev Shares His Wisdom Behind the Science of Chanting Mantras, Check Out

Sadhguru talks about the significance of mantras in our life , why one should do it the right way and the benefits of it

Sadhguru Tips: Mantras or chants are not just sounds, it has way more significance than that. According to Sadhguru, Mantras are something you become, not something you just utter. He imparts wisdom behind this magic of mantras

Sadhguru on the importance of mantras

Sadhguru says that, if mantras are said in the right manner, they can be life-changing. Mantras can open a particular energy in different parts of our body. However, for this to happen, the right kind of technique needs to be used. Mantras are not just to be repeatedly uttered mindlessly. If not said properly, they can cause more harm than good. Moreover, the right kind of utterance in the form of music is also said to have yogic qualities, imparting peace and calmness to the mind

Nada Yoga

Sadhguru talks more about the yoga of music or Nada Yoga. Sanskrit as a language is an amalgamation of the different sounds produced, set systematically. Thus, the sound produced by the word has a lot of impact when made. This is why, certain names, given to babies, help them respond to it better and have a happier life. This is the power of sound. Moreover, sound is more important than meaning, which is the core technique of principles. In ancient rig vedas, instead of saying the words as is, there is a specific sound that needs to be made with each utterance.

The benefit of saying mantras

Chanting a mantra is life music. It stays with you and resides in you. Moreover, it resides in you in such a way that it creates an ambience in the listener’s mind, imparting good energies throughout our being. Therefore, one must figure out what mantra we like before making it a part of our being which is very useful

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