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Israel-Palestine Conflict: Death Toll Surpasses 1,100; Over 260 Bodies Found at Music Festival | Details

Israel has officially declared a state of war and is now engaging in retaliatory actions against Palestinians in Gaza, in response to the unexpected attack by Hamas.

Israel: On Sunday, Israel initiated a military campaign against the Palestinian militant organization Hamas following an unexpected infiltration from Gaza. This three-day confrontation has already resulted in a tragic loss of life, with casualties exceeding 1,100 individuals on both sides. Israel has suffered over 700 fatalities, including 44 soldiers.

Death toll continues to rise in Israel Palestine conflict

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Hamas started a long and tough war, and he promised to destroy where the militants hide. In Gaza, there have been at least 413 deaths due to Israeli airstrikes on Sunday. Hamas also launched thousands of rockets at Israel and sent fighters who killed civilians and captured at least 100 hostages.

Israeli rescue service Zaka has stated that their paramedics retrieved approximately 260 bodies from a music festival targeted by Hamas. Videos circulating on the internet show festival attendees running in panic and taking shelter in vehicles after the attack.

On Sunday, many UN Security Council members denounced Hamas, but the United States expressed disappointment at the lack of unanimous agreement. In an emergency session, both the United States and Israel called for a strong condemnation of the Palestinian Islamists.

Senior members of Hamas and Hezbollah, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, have indicated that Iran was involved in planning the unexpected attacks against Israel over the weekend. Allegedly, the operation’s specifics were meticulously coordinated during several meetings held in Beirut, which included officers from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and representatives from four Iran-supported militant groups, including Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah.

Over 800 locations targeted in Gaza

According to The Associated Press, an Israeli airstrike in a Gaza refugee camp led to the tragic loss of 19 members of a Palestinian family. Israel‘s military has stated that it has targeted over 800 locations in Gaza, which includes airstrikes that caused extensive damage to the town of Beit Hanoun.

Over 24 hours following the unprecedented attack by Hamas, Israeli forces were still engaged in combat with militants who had taken cover in various locations on Monday. Tens of thousands of Israeli troops were mobilized to confront the remaining Hamas fighters in the southern region, where the bodies of civilians had been discovered scattered along roads and in town centers.

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