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Sadhguru Tips: Jaggi Vasudev Unveils the Secret To Fulfilling Dreams; Check It Out

Sadhguru Tips: Everyone has dreams and aspirations. While some might have a small goal of opening a shop others may want to lead a multi-million company. Each dream comes with its struggles and challenges. However, not everyone feels fit to overcome those challenges. Some fall and give up. Others learn from their mistakes and do better. According to Sadhguru, only the ones who do not let their ambitions control them become truly successful.

Sadhguru on how to deal with the now

Sadhguru talks about human nature which keeps evolving and changing. Not only that, we have changed since what we were yesterday in a minute but significant way. Therefore, Sadhguru advises the now to take in every lesson we get from life with open arms and strive to be the best version of ourselves in every way.

Sadhguru on Rat Race

Sadhguru emphasises that life is not a rat race. Achievement should not be measured in comparison to someone else. This not only makes us lose but also is detrimental to our overall well-being. In a rat race, we are always looking over to see where we and others stand. This desire to win will only lead to loss. One should only focus on their goals and their journey. Moreover, some people also find joy in others’ failure. Sadhguru says that people like so are sick and need to work on themselves.

Sadhguru’s tip to fulfil your dreams

Sadhguru says that one only needs to do what is needed. Therefore, the fancy dreams that we have is an empty narrative we tell ourselves. When we start doing what is needed, things will start happening on their own. Furthermore, he says that dreams are just re-iterations of the past. These things do not matter in the future. Moreover, the future awaits something unimaginable, so, one must leave behind the dreams of the past.


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