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Sadhguru Tips: Jaggi Vasudev Weighs in on Jealousy; Check Out Rules To Overcome

Sadhguru gives his valuable insights on whether one should be motivated by jealousy or not

Sadhguru Tips
Sadhguru Tips

Sadhguru Tips: Jealousy is a common emotion that everyone faces at different levels at some point in their lives. Often, the feeling of jealousy may drive someone to try and be better than the person they are jealous of for their ego. Therefore, this competitiveness makes them strive to be better and move forward in life. However, Sadhguru shares his view on this form of drive and its harms.

Sadhguru’s take on jealousy

Jealousy often drives a person to do better than the other person. Therefore, Sadhguru gets asked whether jealousy is a bad thing or not. To this, Sadhguru responded by saying that, life should not be about moving forward as if our tail is on fire. It is not about running the fastest but about how well you run. Although jealousy can make you do better, it is coming from a place of negativity that is never going to be fulfilled. Although striving to do something due to jealousy may get the job done this will only boost the ego, not the soul. Moreover, the journey becomes unpleasant.

Sadhguru on why jealousy is unhealthy

Jealousy is an unhealthy way of moving forward in life. If Usain Bolt wanted to run the fastest because of jealousy, he would never break any records. In the same way, to be truly happy and achieve success in life, one’s comparison should only be with oneself, not with anyone else. Jealousy just brings a drive that is petty and will always be left unfulfilled. He urges people to not be driven by their ego but by their passion.


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