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Sadhguru Tips: Should You Give Up On Meat? Check Out Jaggi Vasudev’s Special Message That Reveals…

Jaggi Vasudev shares important knowledge in this insightful talk, illuminating the complex aspects of dietary decisions.

Sadhguru Tips: The spiritual guru Jaggi Vasudev always imparts his knowledge to the public to provide them with strategies for leading fulfilling lives. He constantly gives his followers great advice and encouragement to walk the right path. In addition to continuously imparting his teachings to his followers, Sadhguru is extremely concerned about the well-being of human beings. He recently released some advice for non-vegetarians, which you can listen to learn more about the harmful effects of eating meat. His teaching will help you in finding the negative impacts and you will start eating it properly.

Sadhguru Tips: Jaggi Vasudev Reveals Negative Impacts of Eating Meat

The spiritual guru talks about several things to lead humans to a better life. He shares useful and life-changing teachings with them. In a video that went viral recently, he was talking about achieving the negative impacts of eating meat. He said, “Meat is a good survival food but it is not a good food for those who have many choices in front of them. Why I’m saying this is, there are many ways to look at this. Suppose you come to know at the end of this day you are going to be slaughtered. At least 50% of the struggle that you go through, the chemical volatility, the chemical volcano that burns out within you, at least 50% of that, the animal goes through.” Check out the video below to understand his teaching in a proper way.”

He added, “The last few moments, it always knows that it’s going to be killed. Any animal which has the capacity to express some kind of emotion, its intelligence is such that it will grasp always when it’s going to be killed. All this means a certain level of negative acids and stuff, which is not good for you. When we kill the animal, those acidic materials are still in the meat that we consume and when we consume this unnecessary levels of mental fluctuations will happen.”

Devotees Reacted to the Video

The video was posted on Instagram and his devotees started reacting to the video in the comments one user wrote, “Meat is the healthiest food on the planet.” Another user wrote, “Eating meat makes people angry ,proven fact.” The third user wrote, “So beautifully explained!”

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