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Home LIFESTYLE Sadhguru Tips: What Makes an Entrepreneur Successful? Jaggi Vasudev Shares His Wisdom

Sadhguru Tips: What Makes an Entrepreneur Successful? Jaggi Vasudev Shares His Wisdom

Sadhguru talks about what makes a good entrepreneur in these modern times

Sadhguru Tips
Sadhguru Tips

Sadhguru Tips: In modern times, everyone prioritises convenience over other things. At an age where everyone wants to gain a lot by doing very little. The yogi and spiritual teacher, Sadhguru, talks about how the world is seeing more and more people who wish to become entrepreneurs. With the world changing its pace, everyone wants to lead a business that is successful and thriving. However, it is easier said than done. Sadhguru throws light on this topic and imparts wisdom on the key to becoming a successful entrepreneur,

Sadhguru on doing less

The human beings in this day and age want to become an entrepreneur to do less. They want to live a life where they do not have to do a lot and romanticise that. However, Sadhguru says that it is a crime to do less as it makes you half a human being. As human beings, we must be always on our toes and be willing to do as much as we can. Only then can we live up to our full potential. Otherwise, it is a waste to live on a planet. Many people want to enter a business line thinking they could make a lot of money by doing less. However, Sadhguru condemns this behaviour.

What makes a successful entrepreneur?

Sadhguru says that an ideal entrepreneur should “Wear the hell out of life”. This means that one must give their all into their business with utmost dedication. Even as an entrepreneur, one must strive to do the most. However, through entrepreneurship, one can even change lives. Therefore, Sadhguru says that it should not be looked at as just something through which one can make a lot of money. It is a way to make life.

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