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Sadhguru Tips: What Should Be The Role Of Parents In Our Lives? Check Out Jaggi Vasudev’s Words Of Wisdom

Jaggi Vasudev or Sadhguru imparts wisdom on the role of parents in our lives and on whether they have an influence in our lives after a certain age

Sadhguru Tips
Sadhguru Tips

Sadhguru Tips: Our personality is shaped by a lot of things. The way we have been conditioned, our company and traumas. One of the biggest factors that has made us the way we are is our parents. They raised us by protecting us and teaching us how to become a competent adult. However, should their influence be there once we are adults? Sadhguru says no.

Sadhguru on Karmic Bond

Sadhguru says that one must be extremely grateful to their parents at all times for the innumerable sacrifices they have made for us. Moreover, in the 84 years of our life, only one-fourth of it should influence the parents. Therefore, after the age of 21, one becomes their own master in all its positives and negatives. According to Karmic influence, only till the age of 21 should parents have control over our lives.

Sadhguru on independence

Sadhguru says that, after 21, it is a fresh life for us. We should be doing something that is not influenced by the generations passed. This also includes gaining independence from parents in all factors of life such as financial, emotional and social. It marks the time to move onto a life of independence.

Therefore, no matter how strong our bond is with our parents. For parents, no matter how strong our bond is with our children. After a point, life takes us to new paths and for that, one needs to be independent and take responsibility for himself financially and emotionally. Only this will help you move ahead in life.


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