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Sadhguru Tips: With SC Refusing To Legalise Same Sex Marriages; Check Out What Jaggi Vasudev Has to Say

Sadhguru gives his opinion on homosexuality and religion, amidst the refusal of same sex marriage by the Supreme Court

Sadhguru Tips: Upon the latest verdict of the Supreme Court over the issue of same-sex marriage, let’s hear Sadhguru’s views on homosexuality. The Supreme Court declined the legalisation of same-sex marriage on 17 October 2023. However, it gave them several other legal rights, taking a step towards progress in the country.

Sadhguru says that sexuality is a very natural thing. As human beings, we do not use it to reproduce like animals, but because we seek pleasure in it. Therefore, none of us would be born if there was no pleasure attached to it. Therefore, people’s orientation on who they want to love is nobody’s business, especially the government.

Sadhguru’s views on homosexuality

Sadhguru believes that as long as someone is not harming themselves or anyone else, it does not matter who they love. Moreover, he also urges that it is not something that should be suppressed or promoted, it is just an orientation that makes them humans like all of us.

Is homosexuality against religion

When asked whether homosexuality is against religion, Sadhguru denies it. He says that in religion it is never said that it is bad. However, many people of the older generation might have trouble accepting it and make their children do things they do not believe in. Therefore, one can politely decline them by saying it is not for them

Thus, Sadhguru also believes in ending discrimination and accepting queer people with open arms.

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