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Sadhguru Tips: Worried About Diabetes? Jaggi Vasudev Reveals Ways to Reverse the Impact; Check Out

In this insightful talk, Jaggi Vasudev, also referred to as Sadhguru, explores holistic methods for mitigating the effects of diabetes.

Sadhguru Tips: Sadhguru, also known as Jaggi Vasudev, recently provided some helpful advice on how to reverse the effects of diabetes. Millions of individuals throughout the world suffer from diabetes, a chronic metabolic illness. Blood sugar levels rise as a result of the body’s inability to either make enough insulin or use it efficiently. The natural and efficient methods for managing and reversing diabetes that Sadhguru offers will be useful for you and you will get better results by following these tips. People with diabetes can have a healthy and fulfilling life by implementing these suggestions.

Sadhguu Gives Tips About Reversing the Impact of Diabetes

The spiritual guru was in talks with the founder of MK Ventures, Madhusudan Kela and he talked about Diabetes when Madhusudan asked him a question about Diabetes. The spiritual guru shed light at diabetes and revealed that diabetes is not limited to sugar in yoga. In yoga, when vyana prana goes down, it leads to diabetes. He said, “What preserves the body, that fundamental energy has become weak. We have powerful systems in Siddha but Siddha is little bitter. If your diabetes is not so bothering you, you will not take such bitter medicine, and then we will choose Ayurveda. So there are ways of reversing this with yogic practice, siddha Vaidya, to some extent Ayurveda and proper diet and exercise.”

Sadhguru talks about food allergies

Jaggi Vasudev talked about overcoming food allergies and he said, “The main thing is body is resisting something. In yoga, we’re looking at what is within you? Which doesn’t like this? See, the difference between allopathic system and this is, allopathic system is looking at what is the chemical in the food which is causing allergy. Here, we are looking at what is within you, which is causing the resistance to a particular food substance, because it’s a food, it’s not poison.”

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