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Vastu Tips: Want Laxmi To Bless You This Diwali? Follow These Rules For Wealth and Prosperity

Follow these Vastu tips for this Diwali that will bring wealth and prosperity to our lives

Vastu Tips
Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips: Diwali is not far away. Therefore, everyone has started their house renovations and cleaning process. It is said that during the auspicious event of Diwali, one must clean the house to let goddess Laxmi enter the house. According to Hindu traditions, the goddess Laxmi is the god of wealth and prosperity. Therefore, there are certain Vastu rules to follow during Diwali that can cause the blessings of goddess Laxmi to enter the house.


The perfect rangoli is a great way of inviting goddess Laxmi to the house. Make sure the rangoli is vibrant and contains bright colours, especially colours like red, yellow, orange and green. Moreover, the shape of the rangoli should be in a circle or semi-circle shape. In the centre of the rangoli, place a diya that makes the rangoli even more vibrant. One can also go the extra mile to use organic colours that are made out of rice flour or other natural ingredients. If you are using flowers, make sure it is fresh flowers, not withered flowers.


Place diyas in the north and east direction of the house. Moreover, the entrance of the hose should have a string of lights or diyas, making it look attractive to the guests. Additionally, use warm tone colours instead of cool tones. Do not keep the lights clustered together. Instead, use symmetry when putting lights.


When gifting people presents on Diwali, certain gifts are more auspicious than others. These include sweets, dry fruits, vastu idols, essential oils, decorative diyas and plants.

Home Decor

It is important to keep the home decor for Diwali to a minimum. Moreover, proper ventilation is crucial for goddess Laxmi’s blessings. Furthermore, make use of flower garlands and other flower decor. Along with this, it is crucial to keep the space de-cluttered.

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