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Vastu Tips: Want Maximum Blessings on Chhath Puja? Follow THESE 4 Shastra Rules

Follow these Vastu Shastra rules for maximum blessings on Chhath Puja 2023

Vastu Tips: Chhath Puja is celebrated in many parts of the country to show gratitude to the sun god. Its history lies in Ramayana, where on the 6th day after Diwali both Ram and Sita fast as a way of showing devotion to Sun god. As a result, during Chhath Puja, people keep a fast and offer prasad to the god by standing in water, along with other rituals. As a result, we relieve blessings from the sun God for a healthy and prosperous life. However, there are certain Vastu rules to be followed at home when celebrating this festival that will start from 17th November to 20th November 2023.

Surya Dev in Seven-Horse Chariot

A painting of Surya Dev in a seven-horse chariot is an iconic image from Hindu mythology. The seven horses represent seven colours of the sunlight, seven days of the week and even seven chakras of life. Therefore placing it in the house is considered auspicious. Moreover, remember to place this painting in the east direction of the house to ensure, an abundance of health and wealth.


The kitchen should be well-lit for Chhath Puja. This allows the smooth flow of good energies and positivity in the house. However, it should have ample natural sunlight in the daytime. Furthermore, the area should be well-ventilated.

Surya Dev idol

An idol of Surya Dev can be kept in the house wherever there is money placed in the house. Therefore, it can be kept in the safe or wardrobe where money or other valuable items would be kept. Along with this, the idol should be made of copper. This allows to safeguard the money and bring financial abundance to life. On top of that, this idol should be kept in the kid’s room as well to nurture their intellect and concentration.


Sundays are an important day for the sun god. Therefore, it is advised to not consume salt on Sundays while the sun is out. One can break this fast after sunset and indulge in salty food. Instead, indulge in sweets on Sundays. Moreover, the colours of the sun, red, yellow and orange are considered auspicious to wear on that day.

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