Vastu Tips: Want Round The Year Prosperity And Success? Check Shastra Rules to Bring Wealth And Good Luck on Diwali

Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips: Vastu Shastra is the ancient tradition of layout that brings a balance among the elements in nature, thus, causing harmony in our lives. Moreover, as the festival of Diwali approaches, many have been decorating or even renovating houses. At the same time, we want goddess Laxmi to enter the house and bless our lives. According to Vastu, certain rules must be followed during Diwali to bring wealth and prosperity in life.


A rangoli can be made at the entrance of the house. This will ensure the removal of Vastu Dosh and bring positive energies into the house. Moreover, the colour and shape of the rangoli are also crucial to determine the kind of energy that enters the house. Therefore, colours like red, golden and yellow can be used and a lotus shape is also symbolic of prosperity. Swastika sign can also be put, representing well-being and prosperity.


As the festival of lights, Diyas have a great significance during this festival. Therefore, lighting diyas in the north or east direction is considered auspicious and brings prosperity to the house. Not only diyas but candles can also be used.


Make sure the entrance of the house is well-lit and decorated to bring good energy into the house. Moreover, ensure that the decorations use bright colours instead of dark and dull colours. This will be beneficial in bringing wealth and prosperity to life.

De-clutter house

During Diwali, it is important to ensure that the entire house is clean and de-cluttered. From cupboards to the rooms, everything must be kept clean and mess-free. This will ensure good energy to not only enter the house but stay there. On top of that, this also welcomed goddess Laxmi to the house, who comes with blessings in the form of wealth, prosperity and success.

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