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Vastu Tips: Want Smooth Sailing at Home? Keep THESE Items Safe In Your House To Avoid Troubles

Here are some essential Vastu rules to follow around the house by safeguarding certain things to rid yourself of problems in life

Vastu Tips
Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips: Vastu Shastra is an ancient Hindu tradition that focuses on layout to bring balance between the elements of nature. This balance brings harmony into one’s life in terms of love, prosperity, and happiness. According to Vastu Shastra, the home is the most important place where certain layout rules need to be followed that bring maximum good luck to one’s life. Moreover, certain objects need to be kept safe in the house and must never be lost at any cost. Losing them will cause massive dosh that can have an ill effect on the person’s life. Here are the important Vastu rules to remember.

Symbols of Goddess Laxmi

In the house, certain symbols are put down that cause goddess Laxmi to enter. This includes symbols of elephant, lotus, swastika and so on. Therefore, these symbols should be safeguarded otherwise goddess Laxmi will not enter the house which could lead to career failure and money loss.


In the kitchen, there are a few food items that should always be present. This includes flour, rice, turmeric and salt. Therefore, one should have these things in stock, before they run out. This will ensure good nourishment in the family.

Drinking water

drinking water should never run out in the water tank of the house. Where drinking water is stored in the house, it should always be filled with fresh water ready for drinking. Moreover, it is also suggested that the water be stored in a container for a while before consumption.

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