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Vastu Tips: Want to Improve Your Love Life? Follow These Shastra Rules To Re-Ignite The Fire With Your Partner

These Vastu tips can help you solve relationship problems by strengthening romance quotient with your partner

Vastu Tips
Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips: Keeping romance high is important in any relationship. However, there might be certain obstacles that might have put a halt in these romantic endeavours. However, it is important to rekindle the romance with your partner. The ancient tradition of Vastu Shastra has prescribed rules for the bedroom that can help enhance the romantic connection between a couple, re-igniting romance in their lives. Moreover, these bedroom vastu tips are necessary for maximum benefit.


The bed should be placed in the southwest of the room to ensure good energy. Moreover, the head should be towards the south or west wall of the room. Along with this, ensure the bed frame is strong and well-maintained. However, do not store things under the bed, it is considered to be highly inauspicious.


Make use of different types of indoor plants around the room. These will bring good energy and purify the room. Peace lily is a good option for couples who want to re-ignite fire


Ensure that the room is kept clean and clutter-free. This will strengthen the bond between the two. Moreover, proper ventilation is also important for good energy.

Electronic gadgets

Placing an excessive number of electronic items and gadgets in the bedroom is considered inauspicious for the bond of the couple. Too many electronics cause an imbalance in the elements of nature, causing vastu dosh.


The colour of the wall should be light and soothing colours. Additionally, the lighting should be warm tone colour lighting instead of cool tone. Along with this, paintings of happy couples should be hung on the wall or placed in the room. Furthermore, you can also put subtle scented candles in the room to bring a nice fragrance.

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