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Vastu Tips: Want to Solve Money-Related Problems? Follow THESE Tips While Eating Food for Better Solution; Check Out

Vastu Shastra tells important tips to people for better solutions of several things.

Vastu Tips: Vastu Shastra explains everything, including how to make buildings and live in them. Vastu-inspired interior design sustains cheerfulness and expedites neglected tasks. It is recommended that everyone abide by the Vastu regulations; otherwise, the number of Vastu flaws will rise. A family would have financial difficulties if there is a Vastu flaw in their home.

Some people indeed eat while seated on the bed. According to Vastu Shastra, it is inappropriate since it brings more negativity into the home. Additionally, since Goddess Lakshmi is enraged, food should always be consumed while seated upright at a table or on the ground. But every day they make the same mistake since they don’t know the proper eating regulations. Let us tell you the appropriate guidelines.


East or North is the proper direction to eat, according to Vastu. As a result, eating should always be done with this direction in mind. It is said that you can heal yourself of illnesses if you eat with your head turned to the east. Apart from that, meals should never be eaten facing south.

Avoid wearing these clothes when you’re eating

It is never appropriate to eat in slippers and shoes. There is not enough money in the house as a result of this. Additionally, debt could rise. As a result, only eat at home when seated correctly.

Seat Selection

Make sure you are in the proper posture when eating while seated. During this time, pay extra attention to the hygiene of the seating area. Food must always be consumed in a hygienic environment.

Take caution during cooking

Maintain hygiene while preparing food. Observe the guidelines when serving it as well. Remember to wash your cutlery after every meal to avoid bringing bad energy into the home. Mother Lakshmi can become enraged as well. As a result, do not allow empty utensils to gather overnight.

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