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Vastu Tips: Want Wealth and prosperity? Avoid Keeping THESE Things on Your Roof Top to Get Beat Results; Check Out

Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips: In Hinduism, Vastu Shastra is very important. The belief is that there is always a Vastu defect in something that happens during our lifetime. Vastu Shastra has specific guidelines for location and directions. Every object we keep in our home is said to have both beneficial and negative effects on our lives. You should adhere to the Vastu advice in this article if you feel that Goddess Lakshmi is upset with you and there is a lack of money in your home. To solve this issue, you have to remove some things from the roof of your home.

Remove The Following Things from Your Home’s Roof

Vastu Shastra suggests that cleaning is essential for not only the house but also the roof. If the roof is not cleaned, negativity can seep into your entire home.

Vastu also advises against keeping a broom on your roof because doing that can put you in danger of running into financial difficulties. You have to take it away from there.

To dry clothes, it is very common to tie a rope on the roof of the house. But if the rope is broken then it needs to be changed urgently.

Aside from this, you shouldn’t store broken furniture, iron objects, or outdated newspapers on your roof. The prosperity and happiness of the home will suffer due to that.

Basil, marigold, mint, and green grass plants can be planted facing east and northeast on the roof of the house if you wish to grow trees there.

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